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Unitron Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
The company formerly UNITRON SYSTEMS, established in 1987.The main strength of the company is manufacturing and development of various types of New Generation Power Conditioning and Power Conversion equipment such as U.P.S., DC DC Converters, Inverters, and Charge Regulators VFD Drives etc.Unitron is also known as BOS specialist, host of controllers, loggers, optimizers, etc. are manufactured for various applications of renewable energy technologies.
Phone: +91- 020-26687006, 26684399
Super Marine Services
The company is service providers of rental power, generator hire services, diesel generators repairing services, ship repairing services etc.
Phone: +91- 022-23723307, 237344919769707722
Unitek Power Solutions India Ltd
Unitek was started in the year 1982 as a proprietary concern manufacturing emergency lights and burglar alarms and UPS, the company made its presence felt in the electronics field very quickly.
Phone: +91- 0484-2624323, 2625023
Uniline Power Systems P Ltd
The company manufacturer of UPS, servo stabilisers and power generators and invertors.
Phone: +91- 044-22520111, 22522311
Unipar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
The company is an ISO 9001 2000 certified, leading manufacturer of solar PCUs, online UPS, sinewave inverters and MPPT charge controllers, using latest in digital technology, since 1995. They manufacture the complete range of UPS systems  500VA to 400kVA, in all types  online, line interactive and domestic inverters. Microprocessor based digital technology, IGBT rectifier and inverter, LC displays, power factor correction., power management UPS software these are some of the futuristic features that they employ in their products.
Phone: +91- 080-23332078, 23650760
U and C Batteries Pvt Ltd
The company was founded in 1992 with the mission of providing leading rechargeable battery solutions to meet the ever increasing demand for portable energy storage. Originally starting out as a pioneer in the indigenous development and manufacturing of vented and sealed cylindrical nickel cadmium batteries.
Phone: +91- 040-27757161,
Triumph Boilers Pvt Ltd
The company was established in 2001, they are manufacturer of steam boilers, thermic fluid heaters, solid fuel thermic fluid heater, hot water generator, hot air generator and heat exchangers.
Phone: +91- 011-28032897,
Trans Generators Pvt Ltd
The company deals with Diesel Engine Manufacturers, Diesel Generator Manufacturers, Diesel Engine Spare Part Manufacturers, Trans Generator Pvt Ltd, Manufacturers.
Phone: +91- 080-28395825,8028395825

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